Rosa Singh, Medallia

Rosa Singh, Medallia

Rosa leads the Text Analytics and Social teams at Medallia. Her teams helps customers design and build solutions that leverage unstructured data to drive actionable insights. She has over 15 years of experience working with speech and text analytics. Rosa started her career working in the oil & gas industry loading and analyzing data for oil exploration projects.

Global Social Benchmarking in Hospitality

Medallia created a property catalog of over 125k hotel properties from around world and integrated property attributes from STR for robust filtering capabilities and deeper analysis into competitive brand performance. Seven years of social review data was added from over 20 of the top global social media sites including, TripAdvisor, and Google totaling over 141M reviews from 191 countries. Lastly, text analytics was added to understand customer experience. Some of the key findings are:

Tremendous Growth in Social Media: 20X More Social Reviews In 7 Years

  • Social reviews are growing but the pace is slowing in recent years. Recent growth is fueled by 3 top sites:, TripAdvisor & Google.
  • All other review sites experience a decrease in review volume YoY.
  • With review growth, average social scores have remained steady, only increasing by 3% from 2010 to 2016.

Using text analytics and sentiment on this data Medallia was able to determine that:

  • The distribution of positive and negative reviews per topic is similar across countries
  • Staff has consistently had the highest number of positive reviews over the years
  • Services and Guest Room have the highest number of negative reviews


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