Ronen Feldman, Amenity Analytics

Ronen Feldman, Amenity Analytics

Prof. Feldman is a world-leading expert in the field of text-mining: in fact, he coined the term “text mining” over two decades ago, authored the Text Mining Handbook  published by Cambridge University Press and has authored 80+ academic treatises on text mining and information extraction. His first text mining systems were developed for use by top intelligence units, and twenty years of improvements have given rise to Amenity Analytics’ advanced 5th-generation technologies. Leveraging his technologies, Prof. Feldman co-founded two companies prior to founding Amenity Analytics (ClearForest, acquired by Reuters in 2007 and Digital Trowel), and served as a consultant for Nice Systems Ltd., the Bank of Israel, and Standard & Poors. A graduate of the IDF’s elite Talpiot program, Prof. Feldman holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Cornell University and is a full professor in Hebrew University’s School of Business Administration.

Tutorial: State of the Art Sentiment Analysis: Techniques and Applications

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