Peter Dorrington, ttec

Peter Dorrington, ttec

Inventor of the Customer Experience Vector – an entirely new method of combining data science with behavioural science to quantify Customer Experience and operationalize the results – Peter is a board-level adviser, information strategist and leader with nearly 20 years’ business development and operational experience in BI & analytics, customer experience and omni-channel marketing. Peter’s work focuses on building customer relationship ecosystems that deliver lasting value for everyone; partnering with Marketing, Sales and Customer Care leaders to design and deliver simple, more human customer experiences that yield quantifiable business results.

EMOTION ANALYTICS – The Need for Artificial Emotion in Customer Engagement

Learn more about the science of emotion and its application to customer engagement and customer experience management.

This presentation will focus on the key principles and techniques for understanding the science of customer emotion through capturing, measuring, analyzing and engaging. Discover the applications of emotion analytics and, in particular, how mobility is allowing us to access “in the moment” responses that capture previously fleeting responses. Big data analytics enable its use in situations where the dependency is on AI; in essence, evolving AI from Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Emotion.

Attendees will take away:

  • A theoretical framework built around weak signal detection – emotions are fleeting!
  • The sometimes counter-intuitive nature of emotions
  • Why emotions require a different approach to insights capture
  • Why narrative is so important
  • Case study examples
  • A framework for extending into big data


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