Lujza Bubanova, EmotionID

Lujza Bubanova, EmotionID
  • ex-golf pro
  • studied masters of digi marketing at Hult San Francisco
  • intern at Stanford Persuasive Labs
  • intern at Ogilvy & Matter Slovakia
  • founder of Startupism San Francisco conference
  • worked as digital strategist at CME owned TV Markiza
  • started a small developers studio- failed after first client due to differences in the team
  • joined a hardware/software company as third partner SEE&GO
  • founder of Divano, second screen TV app and backend solution for TV broadcasters to avoid ad-break drop off ( *page 53
  • founder & CEO of emotion AI software packaged as SAAS for research, creative and production agencies under brand EmotionID and PAAS for social influencers as

Decentralize creativity

The world is changing with AI replacing old type of jobs, Youfirst with the help of AI creates new. The uniqueness of humans is well captured by the ability to be creative. At Youfirst we want to protect creativity and make it the center of monetization while AI takes care of repetitive know how.


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