Jason Brownlee, Colourtext

Jason Brownlee, Colourtext

Jason Brownlee is the Founder of Colourtext, a U.K. company that bridges the gap between classic media research and Big Data analytics.

Jason began his media career in the U.K. at Emap (now Bauer Media), where he became Head of Audience Insight and played a key role in the development of iconic UK radio and magazine brands like FHM, Heat, Kiss and Kerrang.

Jason designs and delivers global scale quantitative consumer insight and segmentation projects. He develops segmentation, machine learning and semantic analysis tools that
are applied to a range of social media, CRM and market research data sets.

How to use segmentation and natural language analysis to build a powerful conceptual map of the anti-ageing market

Nuchido is a new company developing science-based anti-ageing and rejuvenation therapies for the cosmetics market.

Colourtext is a company based in the U.K. that undertakes global scale quantitative consumer insight and segmentation projects for clients that include Samsung, Bloomberg, Abbott Laboratories, Deloitte, Spotify & Warner Music Group.

Nuchido approached Colourtext with a brief to conduct a study of how anti-ageing is represented on the Internet and social media. The objectives were to:

  • identify the key anti-ageing topics currently at play across online media
  • understand how these topics are framed conceptually
  • characterize the language use to express each topic
  • identify key influencers within the anti-ageing space

Colourtext deployed web crawlers and the Twitter API to capture huge volumes of anti-ageing content that were graded as either on-topic or off-topic by a machine learning text analysis system. On-topic content was carefully cleaned to create a natural language corpus, which was then Part-Of-Speech and semantically tagged. The corpus was then segmented using network analysis / graph-based principles and visually mapped in Gephi.

This process yielded a powerful market analysis and conceptual map that lays out the disposition of the anti-ageing field with startling clarity. The outputs of the process are now driving Nuchido’s brand development and product roll-out strategy towards a 2019 retail launch. Our presentation will detail the data analytics strategy developed for Nuchido and reveal what it taught us about the anti-ageing market.


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