Gunjan Aggarwal, Capgemini

Gunjan Aggarwal, Capgemini

Gunjan Aggarwal has 17 years of years of rich experience in digital, Web, social media, text, multi-channel, competitive, campaign, mobile, behavioral, and Big Data analytics; A/B testing; and adaptive pricing. She is a lead for personalization, whose offerings enable clients to create uniquely curated experiences in real time for each individual and context in a seamless manner across channels. She has managed successful programs at Fortune Global 500 companies.

The Last-Mile Problem: Signals from Financial Advisor E-mails that Drive Actions

Current Challenges:
  • Ineffective gauge of sentiment between Financial Advisors (FAs) and clients throughout the firm
  • Inefficient categorization techniques to quickly understand the content of various email exchanges
  • Need solutions to identify trends and features in email exchanges
  • Using text analysis to help organizations analyze and understand client feedback
  • Improve client relations through providing more calculated responses to client needs, questions, and criticisms
  • Leverage machine learning to identify trends and features in FA and client email exchanges


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