Barbara Busch, Sensanalysis

Barbara Busch, Sensanalysis

Barbara is founder and CEO of SENSANALYSIS. Her vision of sensory as the invisible brand personality became the founding principle of the company. Since 2008 SCENTANALYSIS, now named SENSANALYSIS, embraces all of the senses including scent, aroma, taste and texture. Barbara is convinced that enduring market success can only be achieved by a holistic marketing and testing approach where each of the following elements: product, marketing communication and product design convey the same coherent values. Thus SENSANALYSIS has developed a Success Prediction model which has helped prove that only coherent products have the potential for enduring market success.

Adding Emotional Depth To Traditional Quantitative Research makes the Difference

Quantitative product testing is an important tool for major global brands test market entry of new products. These research findings are of importance to both internal and external stake holders in the product launch. Externally they are important to gaining and understanding of a products measurement across key metrics such as purchase intent, likability, and others compared to benchmarks. Internally they provide validation or invalidation to management on the potential success of a new product launch. As important as these research findings are to these key stakeholders, often the results rarely provide definitive decision-making feedback and moreover provide parity on statistical metrics. This often leads to the wrong conclusion as to which of the prototypes to launch and naturally the cheapest one will make it to the market, not the prototype that is best suited for market success.

Barbara Busch, CEO of SENSANALYSIS, will discuss in how research, in a body lotion case study processing sensory descriptions through the Sensory Emotion Algorithm showed distinctive differences in the sensory emotion profile of these prototypes and could create actionable results. Those results provided marketers and product development specialists the opportunity to be able to market/launch products effectively and showed that it DOES matter which product to launch. Looking for the important differences in the consumers’ subconscious mind helps to make the difference between what drives purchases and the ability to build brand equity for product which the consumers truly love.


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