Ana Hilda Galban,

Ana Hilda Galban,

I am an advertising executive and a journalist, who is madly in love with the creation of lovemarks.  I have an experience of more than 20 year as a brand strategist for brands that are really part of people´s lives. I graduated with a Bachelor´s Degree in Social Communication – Major: Journalism, issued by the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and pursued Post Graduate studies in Management at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (Institute of Advanced Management Studies) in Caracas, Venezuela.

Since 2008, I have also been working in the field of analytics development for quantifying the contact points with the brand that generate closer links, by way of a statistical model designed for this purpose. I am a director and founder, as well as consultant for the firm Vínculo in the field of managing brand experiences. As a consultant, I have supported, among others, the following brands: University of Southern California, René Sotelo MD, Stacy Loeb MD, DATOS USA, Cervecería Regional and DIGITEL. During several years, I acted in my capacity as Marketing Manager in Nielsen and my portfolio of customers included: Heinz, Alimentos Polar and L´Oreal, among others. I was responsible for more than 10 years of managing the marketing and brand image of CANTV -the national telecommunications company of Venezuela- during its association with Verizon. I have also been the Brand Image Manager for Bancaribe and an Account Manager at Leo Burnett.

Creating A Meaningful And Profitable Customer Journey Based On A Social Listening Indicator

The work to be presented establishes the opportunities to leverage the customer journey, based on the creation of an indicator that measures Customer Experience and the process related to brand value.

This Customer Experience Indicator is based on the content analysis of the Social Listening from one of the top five Banks in Venezuela and is related to the main TouchPoints among the brand and their clients. The measurement determines and quantifies the possibility to generate new business in the different moments of truth that clients face.

The case study, also allowed to be more precise about the emotional analysis regarding the indicator and to improve customer relationship.


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