Alan Kelly, Playmaker Systems

Alan Kelly, Playmaker Systems

Architect and curator of the first definitive taxonomy of influence strategies. Veteran of the technology public relations and communications research industries. Author of The Elements of Influence (Penguin 2006). Political strategy analyst and co-creator of the SiriusXM POTUS feature “Plays for the Presidency.” Lecturer at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University. Holder of an MA in Communication Research from Stanford University, a BA in Public Relations from USC, and a business methods patent in decision making and planning software for strategy taxonomies.

Beyond Sentiment: Moving Past Message to Reveal and Manage Motive

The speaker will provide live case demonstrations of proof-of-concept software that identifies and decodes strategy signatures of target actors in business, politics and pop culture. These first-of-a-kind data maps provide receivers of spin — particularly analysts in financial management and competitive and military intelligence — a new and unique tool by which to map and predict the moves and motives of people and organizations, from the musings of Vladimir Putin to the earnings calls of Mark Zuckerberg.

Based on Playmaker System 3, introduced in January 2018, the software employs machine learning and other techniques of cognitive artificial intelligence to flag and score the presence of “plays” as defined in the patented Playmaker taxonomy of 23 foundation influence strategies. This includes maneuvers of rhetoric, from familiar diverting plays, like Deflects and Decoys, to subtle and sometimes covert influence strategies, like Projects and Jams.

The speaker’s work is based on extensive professional experience in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., continuing literature review, testing by Fortune 50 companies in the technology, pharmaceutical and energy sectors, and graduate-level instruction at two major universities in strategic communication and political management. For more information, please visit


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